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Since 1955, our only goal has been to help farmers make more profit from their farming operation.

Growers Mineral Solutions and the Growers Program from the beginning in 1955 were to be tools to help farm operators be more cost effective and profitable. The Growers Corporation's  success has come from helping farmers make more profit from their farming operation.

The long term experience of the Growers Program shows that when the soil is correctly balanced and the plant is stimulated with balanced nutrition, natural processes create healthier and stronger plants and animals.
Many of our people believe that we are helping to increase the health of our nation by producing high quality crops and livestock products.

Another aspect of present agriculture is the Environmental Protection Agency and the term "Nutrient Management". The Growers Program promotes the use of calcium to create good physical soil properties, assuring good water infiltration into soils which reduces soil erosion and the loss of native fertility.

Growers Mineral Solutions efficiently applies smaller quantities of added nutritional elements which drastically reduces their potential loss before they can be used by plants.  Thus, Growers Mineral Solutions and the Growers Program are a very environmentally friendly approach making "Nutrient Management" an easy hurdle.

Longevity, product quality, environmental awareness and farmer success makes NOW the time for the Growers Program and Growers Mineral Solutions.

With agriculture now supplying energy for transportation and food supply, energy will become a significant part of agriculture. The farmer's responsibility is to trap sunlight energy in plants in a form that can be used by man or animal.

Forage analyses have demonstrated continually that the Growers Program produces crops with higher energy contents. Therefore, the Growers Program can help increase energy values for crops going for animal feed or for fuel such as ethanol.


Growers District Managers 2016.JPG

Some of our District Managers at our 2016 Growers Winter meeting.


The Growers program and GMS is explained by local Growers representatives. Many of our reps have a long term relationship with Growers through the use of the Growers Program on their own farms.  They understand the Program through their own experiences on their own farms.  They have either been in the farmer's shoes, or know another rep who has been.

Growers Sales Force 2016.JPG

Some of our Sales Force at our 2016 Growers Winter meeting. 


Each winter, our reps gather in northern Ohio, near the site of our factory, to network and learn from each other and knowledgeable guest speakers. They also continue their education through local meetings, field days, and out in the field.

For the name and phone number of your local representative, please contact the main office.

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