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Since 1955, our only goal has been to help farmers make more profit from their farming operation.

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The odds were against us.  From the beginning all the agricultural "experts" said our new mineral program, for growing healthy productive crops at lower costs, could not possibly work. "Farmers will be wasting their time and money and will wear out their soil."

In a way those "experts" became our strongest allies.  To stay in business our mineral program HAD to make profits for farmers.  The longer we stay in business the less creditability the negative talking experts have.

Wisely the Growers Program was based entirely on many years of previous research and field testing.  The founders knew before they sold the first gallon of Growers Mineral Solution, their program did work, and farmers would profit more in their farming operations. Growers success has come in part, because the founders have followed the well known business philosophy that says; "to get what you want, help other people get what they want". It is now time for quality and not quantity.

It is a known fact that plant tissue is about 95% carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These elements are supplied to the crop by the environment and are not related to any nutrient addition made by the farmer.  However, by creating a superior rooting media and stimulating a plant with small amounts of balanced nutrition at critical stress periods in it's life, a very efficient crop can be grown which will be healthy and productive.

Growers Mineral Solutions and the Growers Program from the beginning in 1955 were to be tools to help farm operators be more cost effective and profitable.

The company's longevity speaks for its ability to help farmers.  There is farm land in Ohio in profitable production today after using the Growers Program and nothing else since 1955.

There are farming operations in the United States that are now in their third generation using the Growers Program. These operations, managed by multiple generation Growers users,  range in size from small vegetable producers up to and including those of thousands of acres.  Growers Mineral Solutions and the Growers Program adapts easily to any and all sized farm operations.

The Growers Corporation is quite concerned that agriculture has and continues to lean toward a quantity measure of success while ignoring quality. Agriculture in the new era is trying to genetically engineer certain lost qualities back into crops by a human selection process which will reward originators quite handsomely.  The long term experience of the Growers Program shows that when the soil is correctly balanced and the plant is stimulated with balanced nutrition, natural processes create healthier and stronger plants and animals.

Another aspect of present agriculture is the Environmental Protection Agency and the term "Nutrient Management".  The Growers Program has always related positively to environmental protection and soil conservation with its strong advocacy of calcium to create good physical soil properties, assuring good water infiltration into soils which reduces soil erosion and the loss of native fertility. Using more efficiently applied smaller quantities of added Mineral elements drastically reduces their potential loss before they can be used by plants. Thus, Growers Mineral Solutions and the Growers Program are a very environmentally friendly approach making "Nutrient Management" an easy hurdle.

Longevity, crop quality, environmental awareness and farmer success makes NOW the time for the Growers Program and Growers Mineral Solutions.

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