Soil Test Lab


Since 1955, the Growers Corporation has been testing soils at no charge in our own lab as part of our service to our customers.

These many years of soil testing experience, plus Dr. V. A. Tiedjens' 30 years of earlier soil testing has proved that the exchangeable calcium levels in soils everywhere have dropped and continues to drop each year the Growers Program is not implemented or adequate calcium is not applied.
Dr. Tiedjens believed that the industry's standard pH test was not a true measure of calcium availability. 


Consequently, he abandoned the pH test and in his search for a more accurate and meaningful measure of soil calcium he developed a sodium acetate extraction test.  This he coordinated with the results of yield trials to fine tune and give reliability to his testing procedure.  Using basic scientific research and his years of field research, Dr. Tiedjens was able to determine the soil calcium levels necessary for maximum plant productivity at the least expense.


Testing for the  amount of available calcium in various soils was, and continues to be, an important service Growers provides to our customers at no charge.  There is a $10.00 per soil sample charge to non customers. This charge is refundable on the first order.

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