Growers Mineral Solution supplies necessary nutrients to the plant by applying balanced, high quality soluble plant nutrients at the correct time.

In the 1930's Dr. V.A. Tiedjens participated in research that showed when dry fertilizer was dissolved in water it significantly improved the absorption of the fertilizer into the plant.

Dr. Tiedjens then worked with the idea of using less quantities of fertility elements applied directly to plants. In the process he discovered he had to substitute higher grade raw materials for the materials normally found in dry fertilizers.
In 1935 Dr. Tiedjens invented soilless culture equipment and in the 1940's he was employed by The Standard Oil Company of New Jersey to establish hydroponic vegetable gardens on the islands of Aruba and Curacao in the Dutch West Indies. Drawing on his hydroponics experience, Dr. Tiedjens found in his opinion  the elements not only necessary for healthy plant growth, but also the best balance or ratios between the elements.

Dr. Tiedjens experimented to determine how these elements could be supplied in the real world farm setting, in an economical, safe and easy to use format. He demonstrated that small amounts of balanced fertility, in the proper form, correctly sprayed on the plant showed  results that were economically competitive with plants where larger amounts of dry fertility were spread on the soil. Thus he became one of the first practical advocates of foliar fertilization which is placing nutrients directly onto the above ground portions of plants by-passing or eliminating the soil's tendency to tie-up applied fertility.

Early doubters suggested that the above ground portions of plants could not absorb fertility elements.  However, research sponsored by the United States Atomic Energy Commission using radioactive isotopes conducted at Michigan State University and reported in scientific publications in the early to mid 1950's demonstrated that fertility elements applied as foliar sprays to plant leaves could be absorbed into and utilized by plants.

Dr. H. B. Tukey, who was the head of the Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University, stated to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, for the 83rd Congress of the United States that when “we apply fertilizer nutrient materials to the above ground growing portion of the plant. We have seen that materials are absorbed by the plant and move rather freely in the plant.  The amounts may at first seem relatively small, but to offset this handicap, the efficiency is high.  In fact, this is the most efficient method of applying fertilizer to plants that we have yet discovered.  If we apply these materials to the leaves in soluble forms, as much as 95 percent of what is applied may be used by the plant. If we apply a similar amount to the soil, we find about 10 percent of it to be used.”

Growers Mineral Solutions, when properly foliar fed, can grow very cost efficient, high yielding, and minerally healthy crops. It is important that foliar solutions be made of top grade, high quality ingredients and that they have the proper balance of nutrients.  To achieve success when applying nutrients to plant leaves it is necessary to have a good working knowledge of the mechanics of foliage spraying.

In times of environmental adversity, foliar application of nutrients may be the best way to overcome stress.  Conventional fertility methods leave farmers with few options when faced with hostile weather patterns while Growers' customers have been able to rescue crops from various weather extremes and go on to produce very profitable yields.  It's not magic that foliar spraying applies immediately available nutrients to plants in the right place, at the critical growing periods eliminating the need to rely on pinpoint rainfall necessary to dissolve dry fertilizers.  It's proven common sense.

Dr. V.A. Tiedjens realized that maintaining a standard of high quality ingredients would be very important to guaranteeing the efficiency of any fertilizer placed directly on the seed, or as a foliar application. Therefore in the production of Growers Mineral Solutions he specifically selected highly refined raw materials which are of the same grades as used in the food or feed industry. By using original constituent, highly refined raw materials, Dr. Tiedjens insured that few or no contaminates, such as heavy metals, would be present to cause injury when applied at planting as a seed treatment, in row application, or as a transplanting solution. Also, by being more contaminate free, Growers Mineral Solutions should not injure fresh growing plant tissue when applied correctly as a foliar spray.

The ingredients in GMS are mixed so that the final product has a more neutral pH and is a true solution that will not 'settle out' or separate over time or because of temperature changes. A true solution does not need agitation which makes GMS a very easy product to work with in all situations and using highly refined raw materials results in a product that is non-corrosive to equipment, nontoxic to plants, and nonpoisonous to livestock and humans when applied at the recommended rates and applications.  The quality of the ingredients in GMS is generally higher than other fertilizer materials and is superior to many materials used in livestock feeds.

Farmers can assure themselves that less contaminates are being added to their soil environment by using GMS.  This means there should be fewer problems with the proper micro-biological functioning of  the 'life force' of the soil, and the quality and vitality of the soil can be maintained for future generations. Also, with there being fewer added contaminates in GMS there is less fear of affecting human or livestock health by introducing unwanted elements into the food chain.

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