Yield Checks

Dr. Tiedjens promoted the ideal combination of good growing medium and plant stimulation to bring a plant full circle from germination to harvest. Dr. Tiedjens worked with farmers on their farms to confirm that his new "Growers Program" worked as he intended. He put in comparison plots and conducted yield checks to verify that his method of growing crops did what he thought it would.  Yield checks continue today and are used to convince farmers who follow it (and those who don't) that the Growers program works just as Dr. Tiedjens had intended.

Download the Yield Report Form. (This is a .pdf file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file. If you do not have the Reader you can download it for free at the Adobe web site.)
Below are two methods for yield checking corn and other large seed producing crops. If you need help determining a method for yield checking other crops such as forages, consult your Growers representative or the Growers Corporation.

Methods of determining yields:

Method 1:

Corn Yield Calculator
The Growers Corporation offers a corn yield calculator, which helps to shorten the time it takes to make yield checks.  This method does not take into account the harvest moisture.



Method 2:

This is a more mechanical method of estimating yield.  It is produced by harvesting a determined area of the field using your field equipment.

Formula to Calculate Yield per Acre
(shelled corn, grain sorghum, or soybeans)

Step 1: Multiply row width x number rows x feet of row harvested.   Write number down or store in calculator memory for recall.
Step 2: (100-harvest moisture) x lbs. of grain harvested x correction factor.

Correction factors:
110.465 for shelled corn
108.538 for grain sorghum
100.138 for soybeans

Step 3: Divide Step 2 by Step 1 for yield in bushels per acre at standard bushel weight and moisture content.

Example: Six 30" rows, 1,980 feet in length with 6500 lbs. of harvested shelled corn at 18.9% grain moisture.
(30 x 6 x 1,980) = 356,400
(100-18.9) x 6,500 x 110,465 divided by 356,400 = 163.4 Bu/A

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