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Jim Final

Growers Mineral Solutions is pleased to present a seminar for farmers interested in a lower input style of agriculture.

This seminar is headed by Jim Halbeisen, Director of Research of Growers Mineral Solutions, who is a graduate of South Dakota State University with a B.S. in soil science and an M.S. in agronomy.  Jim was born and raised on a crop and livestock farm in Fremont,Ohio and has helped use the Growers Program on Halbeisen Farms since 1955.

Growers Mineral Solutions brings to this seminar more than 60 years of on-farm, practical, documented research and experience with an understanding of the methods by which it is best implemented by farmers who rely on soil productivity for their living.

Jim will discuss the principles of scientific agriculture developed by Dr. V. A. Tiedjens the founder of the Growers Mineral Solutions and author of the authoritative text "More Food From Soil Science".

This seminar will include discussions by Jim and Growers Mineral Solutions customers about soil quality, crop quality, environmental quality, nutrient availability for plants and animals, and the relationship of various scientific disciplines to agriculture.  Also, the various uses of Growers Mineral Solutions will be discussed in detail.

We think this information is important to those of us in agriculture today who intend to be in agriculture for the predictable future.  It is the people associated with Growers Mineral Solutions who can help make that future a reality.

We look forward to your participation in this seminar.  Wives and friends are more than welcome for they, too, have a vital stake in your farm future.  If you have any questions give me a call.

Hope to see you there.    

Jim Halbeisen



                                      2020 SEMINAR SCHEDULE



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Zach Final

This seminar is headed by Zachary Smith, Assistant to the Director of Research and Zach Holmer, Assistant Director of Sales for Growers Mineral Solutions.  They has been working under Jim Halbeisen for three years and believe the Growers program holds many answers to current agricultural concerns.





                                          2020 SEMINAR SCHEDULE   



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