Growers Mineral Solutions is used as a plant food by placing it directly on the seed at planting time, using it as a transplanting solution surrounding the young plant's roots, and later spraying it on the growing plant.


Application Methods


Directly on seed: To place GMS directly on the row crop seed, inexpensive conversion equipment is available to easily adapt any planter for liquid.  For small seeds such as alfalfa, GMS may be applied directly to the seed (seed treating) prior to planting.


Transplanting: For transplanting solutions, GMS is simply added to the transplanting water.



Directly on leaf: GMS can be sprayed directly on the growing plant using any boom, highboy, mist blower or aircraft type sprayer.  The pH of GMS is neutral or slightly above neutral, so it will not rust or corrode metal machinery. The US Department of Labor's OSHA MSDS for GMS show it to be a very safe product with very few handling precautions.

Amish spray application of Growers


A fine mist application as shown in this Amish field is recommended. The Growers field representatives will discuss your needs and make suggestions for the best  application methods.

Agricultural Factors

In agriculture, there are many factors of which the farmer has little or no control. It is important to take control of the factors that can be changed.

106 Benton Valley Orchard.JPG
Grapes grown with the Growers Program

Soil: Through proper management and the use of inputs which increase the health of the soil, the crops growing in that soil will be healthier and will survive more vigorously through the stresses of the growing season.



Weather: If the weather does not allow the crop's roots to absorb nutrients from the soil, either because of drought or excessive water, GMS can be applied to the leaves. This practice can help the crop remain alive and growing.


Cost of inputs: The farmer can adjust the amount of fertility applied to the crop depending on the total cost of inputs and the market price.

111 Hoekrema & Jager squash 7-10-03.JPG
Grower's grown squash

Using the Growers Program: The use of the entire Growers Program can help the farmer take back control of the management of the farm. The farm can be micro managed throughout the year, depending on the performance of the weather, markets and other factors which are not in their control.

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Pleased with early berries
Steve Esh of Georgia is pleased with his strawberry results
Steve Esh of Georgia is pleased with his strawberry results using the Growers Program.

"We were very pleased to be able to open our market and start selling strawberries two weeks earlier than our neighbors..."
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