landscape-mainpg.jpgAs with agricultural crops, Growers Mineral Solutions (GMS) is used as a plant food in most all landscaping situations.  It is placed on seeds at planting, used as transplant solutions surrounding young plants' roots, and later, as foliage sprays on growing plants.

This approach places the fertility as close as possible to the plant's seed, root and foliage which dramatically increases the efficiency of the applied fertility elements.  This in turn, means fewer elements are lost to the environment.  

This is in contrast to common toxic granular fertilizers.  Because they "burn," they must inefficiently be broadcast over the ground resulting in a large percentage polluting groundwater, streams, lakes and ponds and finally contributing to the Gulf of Mexico's "Dead Zone" and the dying Chesapeake Bay.

GMS, originally developed for hydroponics use, is a 10-20-10 analysis plant food, and is composed of higher grade ingredients specifically designed, for environmental reasons, to have the lowest possible heavy metal toxicity concentrations.  GMS has a close to neutral pH which means it is not corrosive to equipment, and the US Department of Labor's OSHA MSDS for GMS shows it to be a very safe product with very few handling precautions.  Because it is  generally beneficial to all plants, it is not necessary to be especially careful about avoiding over spray onto, say, ornamentals or flowers when applying GMS to lawns.

It is very important when working with landscape the involved plants' rooting media, soil, have proper calcium levels.  Adequate calcium promotes porosity in soils which enhances biological and earthworm populations and helps ensure healthier plants better able to deal with different stresses; weeds, insects, weather, etc.

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Bernie Miltenberger of Harvey's Greenhouse


"I have been a greenhouse grower for 17 plus years now.  "Growers helps me cut out the use of BanrotĀ® completely.  The micro nutrients mixed in a low salt liquid NPK solution with the very least possible heavy metal toxicity is the name of the game in growing beautiful flowers.  Thank you Growers.  I am a customer for life."

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