12/11/2018 Impact of Growers: Morris, Minnesota
Luke Griffith and his family have been using the Growers Program for over a decade. Listen has he explains what happened when they accidentally failed to apply Growers Mineral Solutions to certain rows in their field.

12/2/2018 Growers Success Story: North Dakota with Keith Shutt
Growers Success Story: Join Keith Shutt as he talks about his lime application business and explains how lime and Growers Mineral Solutions has impacted his sugar beets.

9/28/2018 Growers Success Story: Gooding Family
Growers Success Story: Watch as Matt Gooding talks about the impact Growers Mineral Solutions and high calcium lime has had on their family farm in Northwest Ohio.

7/15/2018 Growers Success Story: Marcy's Berries
Marcy's Berries in Cambridge, Ontario have been using Growers Mineral Solutions for a year and are very happy with the results. They grow strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries. For more information on Marcy's Berries, visit them at:

6/1/2018 Growers Success Story: Childres Farm
Watch as Kurt Childres explains the June photo in the 2018 Growers Calendar. Kurt farms in Southern Georgia and have been successfully using the Growers Program since 2010. "The only problem with Growers is that it will make you buy a bunch of boxes to put all the produce in that you are going to harvest" - Kurt

5/1/2018 Growers Success Story: Halbeisen Farm
Watch as Jim Halbeisen explains the May photos in the 2018 Growers Calendar. Joe and Jim Halbeisen farm in Northwest Ohio and have been successfully using the Growers program since 1955.

4/1/2018 Foliar Feeding 
Since 1955, Growers Mineral Solutions have been the leader in foliar application of plant nutrition. View video to learn more about how and when to use GMS for foliar feeding.


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