livestock-mainpg.jpgUsing Growers Mineral Solutions as a nutritional supplement for livestock, farmers are seeing added benefits such as less DAs and retained placentas, better feed intake and utilization, fewer feet and leg problems and improved heats and conception rates.

The minerals in GMS are more soluble than those in traditional dry mineral mixes. In particular, the phosphorus is readily available to the animal.  Because the minerals are better utilized, there is less waste.  Less waste means less nutrients in the manure and therefore less potential pollution downstream.

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Our animal nutrition experience has shown that the lack of exchangeable calcium in the soils fosters Mineral imbalances in the crops.  This eventually can have strong adverse influences on the health of animals consuming those crops. As minerals in soils become unbalanced, so do minerals in crops, which in turn ensures unbalanced minerals in animals. When imbalances occur, normal body functions are hindered which allows disease to overcome the animal's natural protective mechanisms.


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New Forage Results

 $500 worth of milk advantage/ac/yr from $48 fertilizer addition:

Speaking on the August Growers conference call, Daniel Weaver, a Growers representative from Georgia discussed a forage yield analysis by the local county agent. "We got the quality and a yield advantage."  Listen to the two minute audio here: 


Additional results will be coming. 

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