Success Stories

The Value of Feeding Growers by Aaron Widrick

Aaron and his family began feeding Growers Mineral Solutions to their 100+ cows in 1996. The article explains their setup and was originally published in The Growers Solution Spring 1999. The audio was recorded during the Growers Conference Call February 2011.

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McIver's Happy Acres Farm

Scott McIver was our highlighted customer for the January 2011 customer conference call. He tells about using GMS with his registered Polled Hereford and Saler cattle. He also gives some tips on grazing alfalfa and what happens when they have to buy hay.

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Book Family Farm

The Book family of Borden, in southern Indiana, had always applied limestone to their fields, but then Ed Bulcher, their Growers District Manager, came along and convinced them to apply high calcium and more tons per acre. "We always used lime, but not as much as Ed preached. He really made us "limeaholics!" joked Jim.

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Cutting Layer Hen Costs

I started with Growers Nutritional Solutions in 1992, and, along with having worked with GNS District Manager Paul Campbell for several years, have come to realize the poor nutrient levels in today's farm products are a big problem.

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