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Spring 2021

Repeat Performance
In-Furrow Technology: Soybeans
Crop Dry Down Yields More Profit
Too Much 0-0-60
Peak Phosphate: Circle or Straight Line?
The Other Side of Inefficient Fertilizer

Winter 2021

There Should Not Be A Peach on the Place
Backdoor Supplementation
The Growers Program and Sustainability


Late Fall 2020

GMS and Soil Microbiological Life
Soil Microbes and Animal Immune System: Invisible Allies
Is the Newest Technology of Farming Microbiological?
What's In Fertilizer?

Early Fall 2020

GMS is Very Unique
Huge Substantiantion for Calcium
A Pound is a Pound
Soil Testing or COVID Testing
Cannabis Testing and GMS Quality
What's That Green Spot? A Check Plot


Summer 2020
Foliar Feeding Season
A Growers Testimony: Joe Altermatt
COVID-19 & the Invisible Allies
GMS & Pollution

Spring 2020
More Confirmation for Dr. V. A. Tiedjens

Inherit the Rumen

Climate of Secrecy
Complexity of Soil Microbiology
Go With the Pros: Proper Foliar Feeding


Winter 2020

In Remembrance: Jennie Henry
Visual Revelation
Talking Fallow Syndrom or Growers
Who Do You Trust


Late Fall 2019

Over Lime Your Soils
Soil Test Dilemma
pH a Problem?

Early Fall 2019

Luke Griffith and Growers
Making Your Own Recommendations: Peach Trees
Soil Culture & Modern Farm Methods
Why Are Soil Tests Not Gospel Truth?

Summer 2019

Geiger Family Growers Story
Foliar Feeding Season
Lake Erie Billof Rights

Spring 2019

Microbes & Nutrient Management
Pennsylvania Alfalfa

Winter 2019

Forgot the GMS - Again
Search for a Winning Combination
Another GMS Customer Author


Late Fall 2018

Where Did That Yield Come From?
The Effect of GMS
2017 Corn Plot Reflections
Why 10-20-10 for Growers Mineral Solutions
A Strong Foundation
Consumer Reports: Toxic Heavy Metals

Early Fall 2018

Fall: Time to Spread Lime
How Soon Should the Producer Change?


 Summer 2018

The Growers Program on a Dairy Operation
Foliar Feeding Season

Spring 2018

Growers Helps Peach Blossoms
More Root Photographs Confirm High Calcium Limestone
Why Use High Quality Ingredients?
Phosphorus Toxicity: Third Party Verification

Winter 2018

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words...Maybe More!
More Phosphogypsum Details
European Regulations
How Much Fertilizer Does it Take?
Improving the Economy of Cold Soil Blues



Late Fall 2017

GMS With In-Furrow Technology
Growers; Weird Business Model
New Approach to Soybeans
Phosphorus Management
Quality Fruit

Early Fall 2017

The Joy of Over-Liming
The High Calcium Limestone Discovery
How Long Does It Last for the Cost?
Over-Liming Injury

Summer 2017   

Champion Hay Growers
More Long Term Effects on Soil Biology
9 Year Alfalfa? Is That Possible
Introducing Zachary Smith
Foliar Feeding Season

Spring 2017

High pH - No Calcium Needed? You Decide
Calcium: Legumes & Root Nodules
Lake Erie Phosphorus & Glyphosate
Eutrophication:  Something to Think About
GMS for Transplanting
How Gut Bacteria are3 Shaking Up Cancer Research
Fertilizer of the Future
FDA Makes Bar Appear Lower
Row Start Wheat


GMS for Transplanting
How Gut Bacteria are Shaking Up Cancer Research
Fertilizer of the Future
FDA Makes Bar Appear Lower
Row Start Wheat
Growers Program and Stress
Nutrient Management in Maryland
Agriculture and Nutrient Management in Maryland
Agriculture and Nutrient Management and GMS

Early Fall 2016
What Happened
Calcium & Nitrogen
Excess N & Soil
Livestock Feed Needs
Potash: Third Party Verification

Summer 2016
Foliar Feeding Season
Foliar Feeding for Nutrient Management
Growers Education
Picture Says it All
Dr. V. A. Tiedjens' Approach to Using GMS
What Do You See?
New Technology
Winter 2016
Why Growers Mineral Solutions?
Phosphorous Pollution and GMS
Letter to Dayton Daily News   
Growers Stability in Soil



Late Fall 2015
Long Term Effects of GMS Fertility
Why Do High pH Soils Need Calcium?
Can Elements Become "Tied Up" in Soil From Calcium Application's Effect on pH?
The Test Quest: What Soil Health Tests Really Tell You
Tillage Myths and Biology
Calcium and Soil Erosion in Virginia


Early Fall 2015

Knee High by the Fourth of July
MudWatt 101
My Experience with Microbial Fuel Cells (MudWatt)
A Letter to You, Mr. or Ms. Farmer
Fertilizer and Soil Health
Tillage & Calcium Activation


Summer 2015

Growers Customer (John Formisano, Sr.) receives award
Foliar Feeding Season
Nutrient Management

Spring 2015

Foliar Feeding Soybeans with GMS
Third Party Verification
Cover Crop Solution

Winter 2015

Growers Program Works Well in Western Ohio
Gypsum Solution to the Toledo Mess
Growers Chemical on How to Fix the Toledo Mess
Why the Toledo Disaster Matters to Farmers


 Late Fall 2014


60th Year
Early Delivery Truck
Dr. Tiedjens' Newsletter


 Early Fall 2014

Sunn Hemp
Need Calcium
Growers 60th Year Anniversary Begins September, 2014
pH Again?

Late Spring 2014

Huber Orchard, Winery & Vineyards
Help for the 2014 Growing Season
Plots Show How Soils Can Change
In Memory
The Farmer's Creed
Changing Growers Formulation
Spray GMS Straight Without Dilution

Early Spring 2014

Today's Successful Farmer
Monthly Conference Call
Nutrient Management 101: Phosphorus
Nutrient Management 101: Nitrogen
Crystal Formation in GMS

Winter 2014

Does Growers Starter Pay?
Study Challenges Soil Testing
Hard Water Problems
Blue Ribbon Hay


Late Fall 2013

73 BPA Dry Land Soybeans
Test Plots & Environmental Concerns
Minnesota Crop Tour
Monthly Conference Call

Fall 2013

Do Your Lime Strip Tests
Discount for September
More on Soil Microbiology
Calcium Basics and Soil Health, Part 2
Growers Corn Yield Calculators Available
Five Year Cost Comparisons

Summer 2013

The Future of Growers Mineral Solutions
Test Plots and Environmental Concerns
Foliar Feeding Season
Foliar Feeding of Nutrients
Why Foliar Feed for 2013

Spring 2013

The Growers "Root Chart"
The Growers Program and Soil Health
Pollution Answers
South Carolina Winter Wheat


Winter 2013

Another Drought For 2013?
Concentration Confusion
Balanced Nutrition
Today's Harvest, 2012


Late Fall 2012

J. P. Henry, 1925 - 2012
How Did Your Farm Weather in 2012?
Soil Microbiology Damage in 2012
On The Road Again
Where is Your Insoluable and.or Dry Fertilizer after the 2012 Drought?
What's the Fertilizer Game Plan for 2013?
Cash Advance of Delivery Discounts


Early Fall 2012

Can We Over Lime?
Pricing Change for 2012
Spent Lime
Calcium Basics
Lime for Better Soil, Higher Yields

Summer 2012

Early 2012 Spring Wheat and Corn Germination Comparisons
GMS as a Starter Fertilizer or an Insurance Policy
Time to Foliar Spray GMS
Spray GMS Without Dilution
GMS Foliar Sprays for Hot and Dry Conditions
Conference Call to Become 'Growers Ag Update'

Spring 2012

Conference Call Guest Paul Dotterer
Daryl J. Morain
4R's and the Growers Program
The Establishment and the Growers Target Fertility Program

Winter 2012

Long Term Growers Farm Operation
The Growers Program and the 2011 ProFarmer Crop Tour
Please Do Not Over Lime!
Third Party Verification
Corn Silage Comparison



Late Fall 2011

Farmers Should Invest in "White" Gold
Growers Conference Calls
Peanuts and Growers
Nitrogen Price: The Problem and Solution
The Bad News


Early Fall 2011

Wanted! Yields, Stories and Pictures!!
Growers Conference Calls
Fertilizer Prices and Costs Compared
Successful Minnesota Dairy Farmers
Growers and Organic
Pricing Option for September and October
Second Generation Growers Man Discovers Adequate Liming--Finally


Summer 2011

Understanding Water Chemistry
Meaning of the Term Dissolved Solids
Hard Water or Dissolved Solids (Minerals) in Water
Foliar Spraying Crops Has Its Advantages
Growers Pays! It Doesn't Cost
Georgia Strawberries Prosper
Measuring Dissolved Solids (Minerals) in a Solution
Water Hardness
Water Hardness Classifications


Spring 2011

Calcitic Limestone Improves Pasture Moisture Management
Conference Call Features Minnesota Stock Operations
Penetration of Spray Nutrients Into the Plant
Growers Pays!  It Doesn't Cost
Starter Fertilizer Receiving a Lot of Attention
Conference Calls


Winter 2011

Farming Differently Is Good
Fifty Five Year Growers User
More on Maine's Sam Niblett
Kansas City American Royal Grand Champion is Growers Grown
More Nutrients for the Money
La Nina and Dry Weather for 2011
More Nitrogen Discussion
Four Letters (T.M.D.L.) Should We Be Concerned
Pricing for the 2011 Season
Growers Calendars and Conference Calls
Update on Yield Checking



Late Fall 2010

Soil Fertility and Soil Microbiology
Yield Checking Gives Answers
The Growers Program and Soil Microbiology
Growers Calendars and Growers Conference Calls
The Enemies of Fertilization and Profitability
Price Change for 2011

Early Fall 2010

Soil Calcium and the Growers Program Since 1955
White Salt Can Prevent 'Acute Bloat'
Bechtel's Garden
51 Years On The Right Track
Early Spring Ground Warmer?
Calendar Photos
Customer Conference Calls
In Passing
More on Cadmium


Summer 2010

Some Pointers on Foliar Feeding
The Case for Foliar Sprays
Foliar Season 2010
Strawberry Production Up and Sweeter
So, You Have Decided to Foliar Feed
Sweet Corn Thrives In A Bad Year


Spring 2010

Soil Tests and Lime Analysis
From Skeptic To Enthusiast
On The Road Again
Ollie on the March Conference Call
Pleased with Beans from Rented Ground
Growers Success in the Garden


Winter 2010
The Browning of the Green Revolution
The Basics of Liming and the Value of High Brix
The 2009 Crop Season Is Far From Over
Update on PotashCorp
Solution Found: (It Was There All The While)
Award Winning Ohio Hay
Drought Beans Saved



Late Fall 2009

The Growers Program and Soil Testing
Customer Conference Calls
How Important are Soil Tests
More On Strip Tests
Can the Growers Program Model Work
Pricing Forecast

Early Fall 2009
Liming in the Early 1800's
Raising and Processing Meat
Products in Indiana
Where Are We With Prices and Supplies
New Price Information
Growers Customer Conference Calls


Summer 2009
Is Now the Time to Foliar Spray
Follow Growers Lead in Tough Times
Rejuvinating A Mexican Produce Operation


Spring 2009

Projected Fertilizer Mess for 2009
Record Corn Yield
Calcium Is King
Pennsylvania Hay Contest Winners
Lime Doubles Soybean Yields
Fast Acting Lime


Winter 2009

Solution Review
Sought After New Fertilizer Technology is Here
Understanding Growers and the Growers Program
The Price Situation


Winter 2008
Nitrogen, The Hot Topic - Again
Seed Zone pH Problems?
Soils, Their Use, Abuse & Restoration
Mike Pinson Field Day 2000
Feeding Correctly vs. The Problematic
Feed Ingredient Problems
Target Fertility
On the Road Again
Greenhouse Grower is Customer for Life


Late Fall 2008
Solution Review
Quality Produce for the Pittsburgh Area
South Carolina Corn Comparison Plot
Reducing Feed Costs

Spring 2008
Blossom Set and GNS
Target Fertility Technology
Mike Pinson Field Day 2007

Summer 2008
Fertilizer Costs 2009
Caution regarding Fertilizers
The Fertilizer Game Has Changed
Nitrate Toxicity, Sodium Deficiency and the Grass Tetany Syndrome
Prepare for 2008 Corn Dry Down
New to Liquid Fertilizers?
Price Per Gallon or Price Per Acre


Early Fall 2008
Market Gardening with Growers
What's Next for the 2009 Crop?
The Growers Program and Calcium
Calcium and Fertilizer Prices
Excellent Wheat



Winter 2007
Jerger Farm Has High DHIA Cows
Soils, Their Use, Abuse and Restoration - Sam Niblett, 3rd segment
Elemental Balance is Necessary
Antibiotic Resistance: Agriculture and Human Medicine
Committed to Growers
Who is Guarding the Chicken House?

Spring 2007
Revisiting The Kammann Operation
Soils, Their Use, Abuse and Restoration - Sam Niblett, 4th segment
Nutrient Functions in Plants
Lime to Win

Summer 2007
Glyphosate and Micronutrients
Perennial Peanut Hay Problems Solved in North Florida

Early Fall 2007
Soil Structure and Calcium
Grass Based Farming Sells
New Product Name

Late Fall 2007
Update on the Ethanol Era
Agricultural Confusion
Sam Niblett, 5th segment



Winter 2006
Substitute Growers for Nitrogen
Ontario Dairy Does Well on Growers
Minnesota Dairy Succeeds on the Growers Program
Update on Finger Lake Grapes
GNS as a Mineral Source for Livestock
Jerger Farm Update
Growers Grown hay Wins in Competition
Quality Produce and The Growers Program
Potassium: Calcium Ratios and MRLS
Illinois Pumpkin Farm
Producing Quality Grapes and Berries

Spring 2006
Growers Grown Crop Shines When Chemical Testing Techniques Used
Conservation Security Program (CSP) Alert
Cadmium, the Health Villain?
"Growers Grown" Wins Big at the County Fair

Summer 2006
Ignore Asian Soybean Rust? Not Yet!
"Darth" Tops Ohio Garden Club Competition
Healthier Humans
Forage and Tissue Testing Confirm Field Results
Soils, Their Use, Abuse and Restoration - Sam Niblett, 1st segment
Letter From a Tomato Grower - Don Hawthorne

Early Fall 2006
Accidently Opening the Fescue Bale Was Good
Comments on Heavy Metal Limits Proposal
Soils, Their Use, Abuse and Restoration - Sam Niblett, 2nd segment

Late Fall 2006
Is Agriculture Entering a Different Era?



Winter 2005
The Future of Growers-the next 50 years
Thriving Indiana Orchards & Produce Farm
Asian Soybean Rust
Out of Date Nutrient Recommendations
Reduce Yield Drag with Growers

Spring 2005
Farming with Growers since 1963
Wineries Pleased with Growers Grapes
Nebraska Cattlemen Feeds Growers from the Ground Up
Maximizing Resources from the Ground Up
Growing Mums with Growers Solution
Christmas Tree Grower Sets Record Straight
Long Time Growers Dairy Customer
Growers Works Well for PA Dairy Farmer
Throroughbred Horses Shine
Be Careful with Rust Chemicals
Limiting Pesticide use with The Growers Program

Summer 2005
The Refractometer: An Old Tool or A New Tool?
Brighter Future for Dairy on Growers
Growers in the Landscape Industry
Update on Finger Lakes Grapes

Early Fall 2005
Use Calcium Values from Soil Tests Cautiously
Cadmium Toxicity Concerns CDC
Produce Growers " Read the Crop"
Minnesota Customer Looks to the Future
Happy Healthy Grandchildren Raised on Growers

Late Fall 2005
Credibility and Economics for 2006?
Ground Not Worn Out After 25 Years?
Study Helps Dairy Find Growers
Heavy Metals and the CDC



Spring 2004
Cut Layer Hens Costs with Growers
Straight Talk About Farm Publications
Growers Works on Insects and Mildew
High Butterfat Goat Milk
Good Dairy Results with Growers
High Sugar Producer Award
Growers Approach Appreciated
"Simple and Cost Effective" After 38 Years


Summer 2004
Foliar Feeding Issues
An Inspiring Family Produce Operation
Foliar Spray for Quality and Economics
Growers and The University's Programs Compared


Late Fall 2004
The Beginning of Growers - 50 Years Ago
Notes From Long Time Growers Users


Fall 2004
GNS Works Great on NY State Produce
Know your Forages
What Are Minerals and Are They Important


Winter 2004
Foliar Feed Plans for 2004
Consistency Makes the Difference
Can Grass Fed Beef Be Profitable
Soil and Dairy Improvement Continues In Pennsylvania
No BSE Worries for Iowa Dairyman
Success Growing Difficult Grapes
Why No Mycotoxins In Growers Grain
Taste Brings Customers Back



Late Fall 2003

Improved Finances Just One Benefit
Profits Are All Important
Produce Operation Finds Growers Easy


Fall 2003
Growers Program for Vegetables
Rely on pH for Calcium Needs?
Produce Thrives in Competitive Surroundings


Summer 2003
Western Pennsylvania Quality Produce
Henk's Beef Thrive On Growers
Growers Improves Cattle Quality
Son and Granddaughters Work With 22 Years Growers Dairyman
Cool Spring?  Foliar Spray Corn


Spring 2003
Phosphorus Based Regulations
20% Reduction In Manure Phosphorus Pleases Dairymen
Sweet Melons Sell Fast at Stores
Grain Farmer Finds Growers Works For Him
Customer Profile: Growers Customer Wins National Teaching Award
Growers Grown Crops Make Quality Feed


Winter 2003
Feeding Growers Improves Dairy
Thirty Years On The Growers Program Only
Long Term Growers Customer Backs Off On His Herbicide Use
Old Growers Mineral Recommendation
Growers, NA and Lime Grow Quality Produce
Heard Health Problems Brings Beef Show Competitor To Try Growers
First Year Produce Grower is "Well Satisfied"
Cotton Production Costs Reduced



Late Fall 2002 

Coyne's Dairy Nutrition
Nursery's "Keep 'Em In Tip Top Shape" Plant Food
Killing Doesn't Wipe Out Wasting 


Fall 2002
Beef, Chickens and Veggies, All On Growers
Improving Production and Quality With Growers
Dairymen Are Land Stewards


Summer 2002 

Trails of a New Growers User
Foliar Feed Corn In 2002
Trickle Irrigation and Growers
Growers Helps Save The Day
Award Winning Dairies Are Growers Users


Spring 2002
Book Family Farm
A Better Phosphorus Feed Source
Growing Trees: A Family Affair
Pennsylvania Dairy Success
Growers in the South, 2002



Spring 2001
Annual Meeting: Special Report   Solution to Cadmium Toxicity

Late Fall 2001

Herd Health Problems Solved by Growers
Tenth Annual Transition Field Day
Successfully Promote On Farm Natural Nitrification
Growers New Web Site


Spring 1999

The Value of Feeding Growers
Franklin Report
Growers Survives Wisconsin Drought
Eastern Ontario Field Day


Fall 1998

A Day with the Plancks:  from A to Z
Growers Proves to be all Around Animal Nutrition Source (Turkeys)
Liming and Alfalfa
Minnesota Field Trip
Franklin Report



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