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Welcome to Growers Mineral Solutions

Growers Mineral Solutions (GMS) is a 10-20-10 noncorrosive liquid nutritional product for crops. It is both safe and easy to handle and apply. It is one of the few products on the market today that can help farmers comply with CAFO, Nutrient Management and other environmental regulations.

By combining GMS and calcium applications in the field or the Growers Program, the resulting crops are higher in energy. As world energy demands increase, this increase in crop energy will be quite important for further producer profits.

Improving the profits of farmers since 1955, Growers Mineral Solutions supplies innovative farmers with an environmentally friendly, nontoxic plant food. Growers Mineral Solutions serves a region which includes a 27 state area of the Midwest and Eastern US, Ontario and Quebec, Canada. View a map of our service area.

The three main points of the Growers Program are :
  1. provide a good growing medium by insuring adequate calcium in the soil.
  2. supply necessary nutrients to the plant by applying balanced high quality soluble plant nutrients at the corrrect time.
  3. put in comparison plots and yield check to verify profitable results.

Take a tour of our website to learn more about how the
Growers Program can help you be a more profitable farmer or rancher.



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Pleased with early berries
Steve Esh of Georgia is pleased with his strawberry results
Steve Esh of Georgia is pleased with his strawberry results using the Growers Program.

"We were very pleased to be able to open our market and start selling strawberries two weeks earlier than our neighbors..."
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